Let’s Talk Sequences

The sales sequence is a series of steps that a business takes in order to prepare for and complete purchases to customers. A sales sequence keeps customers engaged throughout the entire process by having them constantly go through a series of activities.


 How to Build a Profitable Sales Sequence
1. Have a list-building lead magnet

The first step towards developing a sales sequence is to have a list of prospects who may be interested in your products and services. In order to build your list, you need a lead magnet that will attract prospects and entice them to provide you with their information.

An effective lead magnet is one that speaks to the pain points (or needs) that your prospects are facing. When creating a lead magnet, make a list of the pain points of your target audience, as well as possible solutions to those pain points.

2. Have an engaging email marketing sequence

Once you have prospects on your list, you need to keep them engaged through developing a sequence of emails that keep them involved in the conversation. Each email you send out should be targeted towards particular groups of prospects, depending on their level of engagement.

3. Have profitable product on the backend side of the sales sequence

The third step is to have a profitable product in the backend; something that your end users/customers would want to purchase. You can develop a profitable backend product by understanding customers’ pain points and creating solutions to address their problems. A backend product keeps your business operations going as you continue to embark on refining and fine-tuning your sales sequence.

By following these steps, you will be able to set up and automate a profitable sales sequence that will put you in a position to generate passive revenue for your business.  Join us for the 21 Day Revenue Challenge to eliminate the leaks in your profit buckets and stop leaving revenue on the table.  Register here.

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