#IAmMyPriority, what about you?

Have you ever wanted to start a business?  Let me guess; you have to wait until you get your money right.
Have you wanted to go back to school?  You have to wait until your kids finish school.
Have you wanted to buy a house?  You have to clean your credit up first. Or pay this loan off first.
Stop Delaying Your Desires.
Stop Making Excuses.
Stop Putting Yourself Last.

I AM MY Priority is a movement for individuals who keep telling themselves that they are going to accomplish a goal, but they have to postpone for whatever reasons.  I’m tired of always being the last person on the list to reap the rewards just because I’m in school, or I have kids or because you have a job.  Just because you are in a certain situation doesn’t mean that you have to delay your desires.
Register for the #IAmMyPriority Focus On You Summit by visiting www.IAmMyPriority.com if you’re ready to make yourself a PRIORITY IN LIFE & BUSINESS.  Please SHARE because someone needs to see this message.
We are hosting a LIVE event in Richmond, VA on Dec 9, 2017.  Further information is coming! Save the date by visiting www.IAmMyPriority.com

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