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DEKESHAWILLIAMSVIZIONSThe Stiletto Institute is where we provide coaching, mentoring and training for small business owners and (for what I like to call – entrepreneurs in training). They are individuals who have not quite started a business yet or could actually be in a position running someone else’s business, in which we call that Corporate America.  This year we will focus on our theme to DEFINE.DESIGN & DRAFT™ strategies to build or grow your business. It’s all about Defining your true purpose and identifying your gift. Who are you here to serve with your talents? Who’s considered as your target client?

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At the Stiletto Institute we help you DEFINE your message so that you are able to DESIGN the path you so choose travel.  We all have a story, experience or product to share, but it may take some time to figure out how you’re going to get your message across. Once you’ve identify what your story consists of then we help you focus on DRAFTing the roadmap to success.


What are DeKesha’s clients saying….
I have great ideas but didn’t know how to successfully execute them”

Before participating in my Breakthrough Business Strategy Session with Dekesha, my marketing plans and sales were at a standstill. I have great ideas but didn’t know how to successfully execute them to produce new customers and generate sales. After speaking with Dekesha, she developed a plan of action that truly helped my business generate sales and engage my clients. As a result I saw a 40% increase in my December sales. During our session I also received an invaluable host of resources and knowledge. I’m elated that Dekesha and I are working together, with her I know my business will be successful!!!!

E. James, Owner, Young Royal Couture Children’s Clothing Boutique


“December is usually a slow month for us but this was best one in 14 years.”
Before working with DeKesha I didn’t have a Customer Relations Management system, I had 11 notebooks filled with customer information and dimensions for upcoming projects.  These notebooks were the heart of my business because they included every customer that I’d ever worked with over the past 14 years.  Within 45 days DeKesha converted 5 notebooks into an Excel worksheet that included all pertinent customer information.   Her team also called each individual to conduct a customer satisfaction survey but also to increase referrals.  I received 3 calls from previous contractors and 2 referrals from previous customer that was resulted in $50,000 contracts in December, which has previously been slow months for me. 
R. Tennessee, Kitchen & Bath Installations Project Manager, Tennessee Designs


Are you ready to have an increase in your business?  Find out how we can work together and find the money that you’re leaving on the table.

free-report2© 2014 by DeKesha C. Williams.  All Rights Reserved. DeKesha C. Williams, MBA, Business Strategist and Leadership Development Trainer, is the founder of the VizionsEnterprises.comThe LaunchandLearn Radio Show and American Express Open Forum Business Advisor, focuses on the growth of small businesses. We help small business owners who struggle with reaching their ideal clients create compelling & magnetic marketing messages so that they can build relationships and attract new clients. If you’re ready to grow your business by attracting the RIGHT clients and making more money, download our FREE CD here.

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